Piercing The Corporate Veil: What Does It Mean And What Is The Result?

Piercing The Corporate Veil

There are a variety of circumstances when the court will consider piercing the corporate veil. However, while the nuances vary, the underlying theme is the same. When the corporation is being used as a liability shield for the actions of its managers, the courts, if asked, will often be willing to set aside the corporation and hold the managers liable for their acts. This means that the liability protection afforded by LLC and corporate structures is limited.

Piercing The Corporate Veil

https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ involves the plaintiff asking a court to disregard the subsidiary’s existence. However, in some cases, plaintiffs ask the court to disregard the parent’s existence. An analysis into piercing the corporate veil is very fact intensive. There are a number of factors the courts look at in determining whether the subsidiary is merely an alter ego of the parent.

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Some corporations and LLCs are especially vulnerable when these factors are considered, simply because of their size and business practices. Closely held companies are more susceptible to losing limited liability status than large, publicly traded corporations.

Piercing The Corporate Veil

Make sure you are keeping all your corporate records correctly and in a timely manner. If you have a board of directors, consider a conflict of interest policy to be signed by all members. Better yet, have your attorney review all of the connections between owners and business activities. The tax law allows the IRS to pierce the corporate veil and take action against anyone in a business who is responsible for failing to pay trust fund taxes withheld from employee pay (such as federal income taxes or Social Security/Medicare taxes). States have similar laws for failure to pay withheld sales taxes. Under Florida law, it is very difficult to pierce the corporate veil with a corporation or LLC so long as the corporation or LLC is operated as a distinct and separate entity for a legitimate business purpose.


The analysis that courts perform is fact-intensive and unpredictable. The presence of two or more of these factors, however, would make it more likely that a court would disregard the corporate/LLC form and hold you personally liable for the debts of the business. In addition to establishing ‘unity of control,’ a plaintiff must also demonstrate that fraud or injustice will result if the veil is not pierced.

What does it mean to pierce the corporate veil quizlet?

Piercing the Corporate Veil. A legal theory in every state that allows creditors of the corporation to move past the corporation, and its liability shields, and go directly to the personal assets of the officers, directors, and shareholders of the corporation.

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Piercing the Corporate Veil in Florida

Piercing the corporate veil refers to the scenario in which courts don’t hold up the liability shield and find a corporation or LLC’s shareholders/directors personally liable for the corporation’s actions or debts. One such case of personal and business assets subject to improper conduct for the benefit of a corporate shareholder occurred in the United Kingdom in 1875. In the case of Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd, the enterprise theory of keeping corporate assets distinct from the personal assets was upheld by a case that worked its way all the way up to the House of Lords. To make a long story short, Mr. Salomon was a cobbler whose sons wanted to join him in the business. To that end, he made a limited liability company to purchase his own cobbler business at excessive value, taking a loan from Mr. Edmund Broderip of 5,000 pounds sterling. The courts are very cautious to hold business owners or shareholders liable for the debts of their business.

Whether you’re trying to make a judgment against a company and you’re claiming they pierced the veil, or you’re facing claims of piercing your corporate veil, a lawyer will be needed. However, if the parent and its subsidiaries take the following actions, it can help mitigate the risk of a court piercing. How to avoid piercing the corporate veil between parent corp… General partners in partnerships who participate in manage the business don’t have limited liability; there’s no corporate veil in these situations.

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Shareholders’ liability is usually limited to the amounts of their investments. The insulation from corporate debts is known as the “corporate veil.” However, in limited circumstances, if the corporation is not properly operated, the corporate veil can be pierced. Many entrepreneurs create business entities to operate their businesses, to facilitate commercial ventures, and to shield themselves from personal liability.

What are the exceptions to lifting of corporate veil?

In addition, under normal circumstances, the responsibility of a shareholder is limited to its outstanding shares and cannot be held liable for the company's actions. The Doctrine of lifting of corporate veil is an exception to the principle of limited liability or separate legal entity.

Courts look at whether a dominant shareholder or owner treats the assets of the corporation or LLC as if they were his own. This could involve a shareholder or owner intentionally siphoning off company assets for personal benefit. Alternatively, it could involve a shareholder or owner co-mingling company bank accounts and records with her own, and failing to keep good records of transactions between the company and herself. To avoid veil-piercing liability, you should never cause your company to pay you an amount of money that will render it insolvent (meaning, that the company’s assets are less than its liabilities or it is unable to pay its bills as they become due). Additionally, you should always maintain a separate bank account for your company and keep separate financial records. As a business owner, starting a corporation is beneficial because you’ll have limited liability. Corporations are separate legal entities so the owners or shareholders will not be held liable for any of the debts that the business incurs.

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And if for some reason a certain party wants to take you to court, the summons might go unnoticed until it’s too late. The subsidiary’s management should be responsible for its day-to-day operations. They should not have to obtain the parent’s approval before making decisions in the ordinary course of business.

  • Members of a limited liability company are personally liable for any act, debt, obligation, or liability of the limited liability company to the extent that shareholders of a Washington business corporation would be liable in analogous circumstances.
  • In general, if the corporation or LLC is considered completely separate from the individuals who own and manage the business, those owners/managers cannot be held responsible for the company’s actions.
  • Legally, it has most of the same rights and powers that you have in your personal life.
  • Circumstances under which the shareholders or officers of a corporation or LLC may be held liable for the debts or conduct of the entity.
  • For example, if owners recklessly made deals knowing the business couldn’t pay or if they created a company solely to escape responsibility for debts, then this is an example of a situation where piercing the corporate veil may be appropriate.
  • If the owners failed to actually maintain the business as its own separate entity, the corporate veil must be pierced.

Business owners should research the things they need to do to prevent piercing the veil and maintain personal asset protection. Consulting an attorney could be in your best interest, as he or she could walk you through the specific requirements needed to protect the veil in each state in which you operate. Stay up to date on corporate responsibilities by following Piercing The Corporate Veil the perimeters in each operating agreement or bylaws. For example, a corporation should hold annual shareholding meetings, keep accurate and timely minutes signed by the directors and officers, and issue ownership with stock purchase agreements. Courts look at whether some injustice or wrong was committed when determining whether to pierce the corporate veil.

What constitutes piercing the corporate veil?

The phrase “piercing the corporate veil” is a metaphor to describe the cases in which a court refuses to recognize separate existence of a corporation despite compliance with all the formalities for the creation of a de jure corporation. The phrase “piercing the corporate veil” is abbreviated to “PVC’ in the balance of this part”. Keep separate financial records for your business and yourself, and maintain a separate bank account for the business. Avoid borrowing money from the company for personal expenses.

  • When Silver Fox Pastries was formed Abuzir had loaned the company $45,000.
  • However, this protection is not guaranteed, nor is it a right.
  • Commingling of assets is frequently cited by courts as evidence of an alter-ego situation.
  • The second element for piercing the corporate veil is whether the business entity was formed for an improper or fraudulent purpose.
  • When the corporation is being used as a liability shield for the actions of its managers, the courts, if asked, will often be willing to set aside the corporation and hold the managers liable for their acts.
  • The business entity must be amere instrumentality or alter egoof the defendant.

A properly formed and operated corporation or LLC offers its owners limited liability for the debts of the business, so that their losses are limited to their investment in the business. In some extreme and rarecases, however, courts hold the owners liable for the debts of the company, including for judgments resulting from lawsuits. In legal terminology, this is called “piercing the corporate veil.” The consequence that results from a pierced corporate veil is the potential for a court to hold the company’s owners personally liable for the company’s wrongdoing. Once a court pierces the corporate veil, a company’s creditors can attempt to seize the business owner’s home, bank accounts, investments, and other assets to satisfy the debts of the company. When the corporate veil is pierced by a court, those involved with the corporation may be held liable for its wrongdoing. This can include members of the corporation or LLC, its shareholders, and its owners.

Reverse Piercing the Corporate Veil

The Utah Supreme Court has authorized Rocket Lawyer to provide legal services, including the practice of law, as a nonlawyer-owned company; further information regarding this authorization can be found in our Terms of Service. Fraudulent activities can range from the transfer of assets to another company that a shareholder owns, or misrepresentation of financials to lenders to obtain financing.

  • Never cause your corporation or LLC to pay you an amount that would render it insolvent, or any amount that would seem unreasonable to an outside observer.
  • They should not have to obtain the parent’s approval before making decisions in the ordinary course of business.
  • Learn how to mitigate the risk of business identity theft from Andrew La Marca, Director of Fraud and Compliance at Dun & Bradstreet.
  • For more on required corporate formalities, see the Corporation and the Corporate Records sections.
  • Piercing the veil would create an unjust result in the realm of family law.

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It is often said that one of the primary purposes of permitting a creditor to pierce the corporate veil is to prevent unscrupulous shareholders from using a corporate shell to perpetrate fraud on creditors. In fact, the Pennsylvania courts have increasingly cited “use of the corporate form to perpetrate fraud” as a separate ground for piercing the corporate veil. Sole proprietorshipsand general partnerships, as these business entities inherently do not have personal liability protection.

Piercing The Corporate Veil

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